How to make a wool pom pom: easy guide

How to make a wool pom pom: easy guide

Not sure how to decorate your Christmas tree? Want to make yourself a keychain for your keys? Fancy decorating your room with some original handiwork? In this article, we'll show you how to make a wool pompom. It's an easy and fun thing to make. You can create many different wool pompoms simply by mixing different colours. The more different coloured wools you use on your wool pom pom, the more colourful, original and creative it will be. Go ahead and try it, you'll see how easy it is!

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

Draw a circle on a piece of strong cardboard. Inside this circle, draw another, smaller circle like in the picture.


Cut out the circle and make another one exactly the same. We need two circles to make a wool pompom.


Cut several pieces of wool, hold the two circles together and wrap them both in the wool.


When that piece of wool has finished, attach another piece of wool using a knot.


Continue wrapping the wool around the rings until they are completely covered. You can use colour combinations to make the pompoms more attractive.


After you've made a few passes with the wool, put some scissors in between the two circles and cut the wool around the outer edge. Be careful not to drop the pieces of the wool of the pompom.


Open the two circles and tie a strong knot with a piece of wool.


Carefully cut the two circles and remove them from the pompom. And there you have your wool pompom!

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  • To make your pompons even more fun and colourful, you can join different coloured wools so that your pompon is multi-coloured. The more wool you put around the circles, the thicker the pompom will be.