How to make a Venice carnival mask

How to make a Venice carnival mask

Carnival is an exciting celebration full of fantasy, magic and great mystery that captures the imagination of both young and old. Below, we offer a few suggestions for making fun masks that you can wear with costumes and makeup to complete the disguise. Check out the following article at on how make a carnival mask.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

First of all, make a sketch, deciding on the shape of the mask, and bearing in mind that for the nose you'll need to make a few flaps in order to make it three dimensional (as indicated in the photo).


Then cut along the edge of the mask and the inside of the eyes. You can cut the edges with pinking shears to create a more festive and funky mask.


Next, glue the nose flaps that you previously folded to make it three-dimensional.


To finish the mask, paint it however you like with tempera paints. Use lots of colours to make it more eye-catching! Decorate it with glitter to get a dazzling result.

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