How to make a turtle from walnuts

How to make a turtle from walnuts

Do you want to teach your children how to make animals from recycled materials? Here we show you the perfect craft made from walnut shells. Here we show how you can make a turtle from nuts, but there are many more animals you can create, let your imagination run wild, and make different animals. It's sure your child will love to learn how to create things from recycled material.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

Paint half the walnut shell yellow


Make the details of shell with green paint. Look at this picture.


Copy the base of the turtle on a sheet. See image.


Fold the green card in half. Put the base of the turtle that you have drawn above the card.


Review the base of the turtle.


Cut the base of the turtle.


Fold the bottom of the turtle as shown in the picture. Put some glue on the base so it will not separate.


Draw the face of the turtle. An example is shown in the image.


Put glue on the cardboard base. Put the painted walnut shell on top and that's it, you've made a turtle from a nut.

Your kids will love making their own toys. This will keep them busy, stimulate their imaginations and practice their manual skills. For more craft ideas, find out how to make simple toys using recycled materials at home.

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  • You can try making different coloured turtles from nuts. Note that the base shouldn't be larger than a walnut.