How to Make a Snowman with Balloons

How to Make a Snowman with Balloons

Today we explain how to make an original snowman with balloons for Christmas. Children love balloons, imegine how much fun they will have if the balloons are shaped as a snowman. If you want to make a snowman out of balloons, a white balloon and a black marker is all you need. With a few easy steps, you will create this fun snowman that you can put in the dining room or hanging from the ceiling of your sitting room. Follow each of the steps and refer to the images to discover how to this funny figure is made. Today, at OneHowTo we explain you how to make a snowman with balloons.

Steps to follow:

The first thing you have to do to make a snowman with balloons is get hold of an elongated white balloon, we recommend it be white as this is the snowman's colour. Do not inflate it too much as it has to be manipulated easily. You must leave at least 5 cm uninflated.


The second step of making a snowman with balloons is to spin the tip of the balloon. Make this about two centimetres high. This will be the 'head' of the snowman.


The next step is to connect 3 balloon sections to form the snowman's body, for that we must 'strangle' the balloon 3 times and twist it once. Firstly do a rotation at about 4 cm of height.


Then make a second twist of the same size as before.


Make the next a little smaller. After that, with a simple movement we will complete the body of the Snowman. Look at the picture.


What we need to do now to make the snowman out of balloons is pass the small part of the balloon that we just made through the other two.


You got it, now you can see the head and body of the snowman. In order to make a snowman with balloons, we will also need to make the feet.


We will use what we have left from the balloon and repeat the same process we carried out for the body: three pieces of balloon where two are equal in size and one slightly smaller, following the same steps as in the three previous steps.


At the end we can decorate the little balloon snowman. In our case we have done this very simple but you can elaborate as much as you want. Your children can join you to decorate the snowman you have made out of balloons,

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