How to Make a Paper Fortune Teller

How to Make a Paper Fortune Teller

Did you know that the paper fortune teller has been around for almost a century? If you remember playing it with your friends when you were little and want to share it with your children but you can't remember how to make it, this tutorial is for you.

Here at OneHowTo we love crafts, and origami is one of our favorites. In this article we'll show you how to make a paper fortune teller so that you can remember old times.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

First of all, get a standard-size (DIN A4) sheet of paper.


Fold the top left corner until it meets the left side, making a triangle shape.


Cut off the rectangle section outside the triangle.


Open up the triangle - you'll see how there is a diagonal crease.


Fold it back from the other diagonal, so that you get criss-crossing crease lines.


Fold the four corners of the square so that they meet at the very center. You'll have created a smaller square.


Turn it over.


Again, fold the four corners so that they meet in the middle.


Turn it over.


Fit your fingers in the holes at the corners and shape the paper fortune teller as shown in the picture. Remember to write messages so that they answer your questions! You can paint or number the side of the paper that hides the message. Be creative!


This is how to make a paper fortune teller. We hope you've enjoyed it and that your children love it as well!

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  • Once your paper fortune teller is finished, you can paint a color on each flap and get creative when writing the fortunes underneath.