How To Make A Minion Out Of A Kinder Egg

How To Make A Minion Out Of A Kinder Egg

Those Minions are just hilarious! Are you also a fan of these funny yellow creatures? Whether you love them or hate them, nowadays they certainly are everywhere. Many of us simply adore these endearing banana-crazy characters. That is why we at OneHowTo want to offer you some fun Minions crafts to do at home! In this OneHowTo article we'll show you step by step how to make a Minion out of a Kinder egg. It's very easy to do and we're sure you'll love making them.

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The first step to make a Minion out of a Kinder egg will of course be to get a Kinder egg, and eat the chocolate (delicious but don't overdo it! A moment on the lips, a lifetime on your hips!) to get to the little case containing the toy. Empty the capsule and now you have the main element needed to build your Minion.

These small capsules have the same shape and color as the little characters in the film Despicable Me, so they're perfect for this activity that all ages will enjoy.


Next, we start by painting on the blue teeny overalls, the clothing worn by the Minions. To do this, use a permanent marker that allows you to paint on plastic. Water-based paints and tempera won't work because the surface isn't porous and the paint will just slide off instead of sticking to the small capsule.

You can also choose to make your Minion's clothes with blue electrical tape. Use a pair of scissors to cut out the pieces you need then shape them till they are the size you want.


Next we'll get to make the Minions' eyes. To do this, we'll need googly eyes, which can be found at any craft shop. You'll also need a silver pen to draw glasses on the Minions. Depending on which character you want to create, add one or two eyes. You can attach these with any usual type of super glue.


Finally, just add some details to the Kinder egg capsule to make it into a funny Minion character. We recommend using a black permanent marker with a fine tip so that it's easier to draw the mouth, glasses, hair or whatever you prefer. Similarly, you can choose to add an accessory to your Minion like in the film, such as a guitar, hat, etc.


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