How To Make A Flower Out Of Recycled Plastic Bottles

How To Make A Flower Out Of Recycled Plastic Bottles

Do you want to learn how to recycle materials and make crafts with them? Below, we'll show you how to make a flower out of recycled plastic bottles. It's an original and different way to make a flower. It's an easy craft to make and you create different types of flowers, you just need a little imagination and creativity when painting them. Join in and you'll see that it's fun.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

To start making a flower out of a plastic bottle, you should cut the plastic bottle as shown in the picture, i.e. in half while retaining the bottom part.


Now it's time to cut the flower petals. Do this by dividing the bottle into five pieces and cutting it like in the photo. The bottom of the bottle will end up being the centre of the flower.


Next, you only need to open and press down on the pieces you've cut off the plastic bottle, so that the petals spread out. In the image you'll be able to see how to do it properly to get the desired result.


Now you'll need to use scissors to make the flower petals rounded. If you want, you can make the petals more pointed.


The next step will be to start painting our flower. Start to paint from the middle, like in the photo. You can use any color you'd like, but we recommend using bright, cheerful colours to make the plastic flower more eye-catching. Be sure to use paint that will adhere to plastic.


Continue painting the flower in the colors of your choice.


You're all finished making your flower out of a plastic bottle! Everyone is sure to be surprised by this craft that's additionally brilliant because it also contributes to the three R's, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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  • To make a flower from a plastic bottle, we recommend you use a clear, one and a half litre bottle so you can make both a big flower and a smaller flower with the remaining part.