How To Make A Face Out Of Clay

How To Make A Face Out Of Clay

If you like, or want to learn to work with Fimo clay or plasticine, please try this. These step by step instructions on how to make a face out of clay can help you get started, and before long, you'll be creating your own.

Steps to follow:

There are hundreds of ways to make a face. This is just one way. So do not be afraid to experiment. And always remember, if you do not like the way it turns out, simply knead clay and start again (there is a certain satisfaction when mashing up a particularly troublesome project).


Roll the clay into a ball, and press it on a ceramic tile. It is good to work on ceramics because it helps keep the clay cold (it can become sticky if it is too hot) and when you finish the project it can be put in the oven all together, both the clay and the ceramic.


With your fingers, press the clay (at the mid-point or slightly above the middle of the face) to create eyes.


Knead a small cone to make the nose and then lengthen it into a long triangle. Place this piece between the eyes with two small balls of clay on each side.


Use your fingers and clay modelling tool (you can improvise with another item if you don't have the necessary tools) to push the clay around and blend the edges, connecting the different parts smoothly.

Mark where the mouth will be.


With a bit of clay, make a triangle with a rounded top that will become the upper lip. Press the upper edge so that it is thinner than the bottom edge to make it easier to attach the nose and cheeks. Put it under the nose.


Using a clay tool blend the top of the piece with the nose and cheeks. Press in the centre, under the nose to create a dip. Now press upward from the bottom (this is the thickest side) in two places to make the upper lip.


Knead a small oval for the lower lip and put it in place. If it is too big do not worry. You can remove some of the excess clay later.


Blend the bottom edge with the rest of the face. Do not do anything on the top edge.


Roll out three small clay balls, one smaller than the other two. Push the smaller ball on the chin and the two balls of equal size on the cheeks. Press until they resemble discs, instead of balls.


Blend the edges. Two small clay balls are the eyes. Move the pieces here and there to experiment. You will be amazed to see how a millimetre can alter the expression of a face. When you're happy with the look, press gently on the clay to secure it and ensure everything is well sealed.


Mould a slightly larger ball and press it until it is a thin disk on the ceramic. Draw a line cutting it in half with a sharp instrument (a pin, a craft knife). Carefully lift the separate halves and place one over each eye to form the eyelids.


This part is difficult because it requires several attempts before you can remove the clay from the tile without breaking it. Sometimes, wait a few minutes for the clay to cool. Blend the lids on the top part.


Roll out two small snakes and place them under each eye. Push them in a curve to follow the shape of the eye. Blend the lower parts to make the lower lids.


With your fingers and your clay tool you'll be able to push and give the clay the shape you like to modify its look. Once you're done, switch on the oven according to the instructions in the clay pack (different brands have different cooking temperatures).


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