How To Make A Drum Out Of Balloons

How To Make A Drum Out Of Balloons

Do you want to learn how to create your own drum? With this OneHowTo craft you can learn how to make a home-made toy that is very fun and perfect to liven up parties or celebrations. It is a drum that can be made very quickly and which only needs a balloon, duct tape and a round mold that will shape our musical instrument. Read on and learn how to make a drum out of balloons in a fast, simple and very original way. Give it a go!

Steps to follow:

The materials you need to make a drum out of balloons are:

  • A large roll of tape
  • A balloon
  • Scissors
  • Two pencils or sticks

To begin, inflate the balloon and let the air out again. This is done to stretch the balloon out a bit.


Next, you'll have to cut the neck of the balloon with scissors and discard it because it is not at all necessary, only the body of the balloon is needed to make our toy drum.


Now it's time to create the body of our balloon drum, for this you must stretch the balloon and place it over the roll of tape. It may not fit the first few times, so do not worry. Continue increasingly inflating and deflating it to stretch it into place.


However, you can choose another type of object to make this craft such as, cups, pots and even an inflatable pinata. It depends on the size of the balloon. If you want a high-pitched sound, stretch the balloon so that it is very tight; if you want a lower tone, leave it looser so it's more flexible.


For safety reasons, stretch a rubber band around the edges to keep the balloon on the tape roll and tie it. If not, it might "ping off" and hit you in the eye.


Use anything that works as drumsticks like pencils, ball point pens, and other non-pointed or sharp objects. Try to hear which one sounds better.


In this OneHowTo video we give you other ideas so that you can make several musical instruments with recycled materials and create rhythms and music that will make you want to dance. This is perfect so that small children are introduced to music and learn to make their own crafts. Give it a try and create your own mini-band!

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  • If children are doing this craft, they will always need to be supervised by an adult at all times.