How to Make a DIY Christmas Eve Box for Children and Adults

How to Make a DIY Christmas Eve Box for Children and Adults

Every family has its own traditions, including those who celebrate Christmas. These last few years, a new tradition has appeared in lifestyle and crafts blogs: Christmas Eve boxes!

These boxes usually include small presents like color pencils or candy, and they are the perfect way to build up the Christmas mood while keeping children from asking for early presents all the time. Moreover, it's a box, so you save on wrapping! This is a very personal and lovely present, and it's only as expensive as you want it to.

Stay with us at OneHowTo and learn how to make a DIY Christmas Eve box for children and adults. They will love it!

Steps to follow:

How to build a DIY Christmas Eve box:

Since Christmas Eve boxes are highly customizable, you can easily adapt this kind of present to your budget, crafting skills and the person you're giving it to. The customization starts with the box itself; you can buy it online from independent shops or Etsy, or you can work hands-on. Some popular Christmas Eve box DIY ideas include:

  • A shoebox, painted or covered in shiny or tissue paper.
  • A wooden box with small decorations.
  • A painted wooden crate.
  • A basket with ribbons.
  • A felt bag.

No matter what kind of box you use, you can easily make it Christmasy by giving it a layer of red, green or gold paint and applying small wooden decorations dipped in glue and glitter or painting Christmas scenes or bunting. For the final touch, personalize the gift box with the first letter of the recipient's name.

You can decorate the inside of the Christmas Eve box with a layer of soft or velvety fabric and cover the contents with red or green tissue paper.


What to put in a Christmas Eve box for children:

It's time to choose the presents! They should be small and practical, leaving the spotlight for the Christmas Day presents. We recommend giving presents the children can use that night to make Christmas Eve into a homey, family event. Why not try:

  • Pajamas to wear that night.
  • A teddy bear - or teddy reindeer!
  • Items to dress up, like fake Santa beards, novelty glasses, Santa hats, crowns, etc.
  • A small crafty toy, like finger puppets or play doh.
  • Activity or coloring books.
  • New color pencils, pens or crayons. Glittery pens are always a good choice!
  • A Christmas-themed book or DVD.
  • Candy canes, Christmas-themed chocolates or gingerbread.

Many blogs also recommend giving children a "magical key" for Santa if they don't have a fireplace so that he can get in at night. You can also prepare reindeer food with old cereal, oats and colorful sprinkles, or tie a bunch of carrots together.


What to put in a Christmas Eve box for adults:

Who said only children enjoy presents for Christmas? A Christmas Eve box makes a perfect present for a Secret Santa, or you can send it as a care package for a friend or loved one who is away, especially if they will not be with their family for the holidays.

Some cool ideas for Christmas Eve box for grown-ups include:

  • Coloring books for adults and a box of color pencils.
  • Colorful and fuzzy socks or mittens.
  • Pictures of you together and a heartfelt personal message.
  • A DIY mug with items to personalize it.
  • A string of fairy lights.
  • A special tea bag; many shops have Christmas spice blends perfect for the winter!
  • Candy canes or mixed sour candy.
  • Fancy chocolates.
  • Cookie or hot cocoa mix in a jar.
  • A nice bottle of wine.

This kind of handmade Christmas Eve box is a great way to create hygge for Christmas - discover our other cozy tips for the holidays!


How to celebrate Christmas Eve with DIY boxes:

Of course, if you've spent so much time and energy in preparing the Christmas Eve boxes, you should make an event of opening them! If you don't spend Christmas Eve with your extended family or by going to a religious service, you can celebrate it over a mug of hot chocolate.

After you have opened the Christmas Eve boxes early in the evening, you can use the contents to decorate the fireplace or doorstep for when Santa arrives, bake cookies with the cookie mix, read a book together, host a Christmas-themed movie night.

If you're celebrating Christmas Eve with other adults, why not substitute the hot chocolate for a hot toddy? It's seasonal, delicious, and great to prevent colds.


This is how to make a DIY Christmas Eve box for children and adults! If you have more ideas on how to make it or what presents to give, please share them in the comments section and help the other readers. And, of course, if you don't celebrate Christmas you can adapt this gift box idea to any other celebration. Tell us all about it!

OneHowTo wishes you a happy holiday!

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