How To Make A Coin Disappear Under A Glass

How To Make A Coin Disappear Under A Glass

Making a coin disappear from a glass is a simple but brilliant magic trick that can fool anyone. This is one of the most popular magic tricks and it always leaves your public astounded with surprise and delight. To carry out this trick, the magician will need to gather together the props and prepare the trick. Are you ready to do some magic? Read on as teaches you how to make a coin disappear under a glass.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

Preparation of materials for the magic trick. On a sheet of paper, draw around the top of a cup. Cut out the shape.

Stick small pieces of sellotape onto the paper. You only need about four pieces to stick to the sides.

Then stick this piece to the top of the cup, so that the paper is covering the brim of the cup. This has to be perfect, so do all the necessary adjustments and be sure to refine the edges.

The idea, as you will see later, is that when the cup is upside down no-one will be able to see the white paper bit inside the cup.


The next step will be to place a coin inside the paper. Tell your audience you are going to make the coin disappear.


Tell them that you will cover the cup with a piece of fabric. Push the cup towards the coin to ensnare it. Place the cup on top of the coin.


This is the time where you do some mystic movements and pull a face, maybe even throw in some magic words.


Remove the piece of fabric. The paper that is stuck into the cup will have covered the coin. Your audience will not know because the paper is not visible. You have made the coin disappear from a cup!


Now it's time to make your coin appear from thin air.


Everyone is surprised and delighted with the coin disappearing act, but the show is not over yet.


Do the same thing again to make the coin "reappear". Cover the cup with fabric again. Drag the cup away from the coin and then remove the cloth.

And voilà! The coin has reappeared!

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  • Be sure to fully cover the cup with the cloth. If people see the sheet attached to the cup, your magic trick won't be terribly convincing.