How to Make a Candle Last Longer with Simple Tricks

How to Make a Candle Last Longer with Simple Tricks

As decorative elements, candles are ideal to give a special touch to every corner of your home. Make the room look beautiful, adding a special touch to a relaxing bath or creating an intimate setting for a dinner, are some of their most frequently used functions. However, if you are not used to using candles for fear that they won't last very long we at will show you the solution. On this occasion we give you some tips so you can learn how to make a candle last longer, read the following tips carefully and maximize the duration of your candle.

To make a candle last longer: saltwater

A perfect trick to get a candle to last longer is soaking it in salt water for a few hours before lighting it. By doing this you avoid the candle melting too quickly and hence dripping too much of dripping wax. Dip the candle in a solution of cold water and salt for a few hours and see the results.

To make a candle last longer: salt

To prevent the candle burning quickly and maximize its burn time, we recommend sprinkling salt around the flame or placing a handful of salt at the bottom of the candle wick before lighting the candle. This trick is perfect for all those wide and long candles, which are usually placed, for example, in lanterns. If you decide to do this, you have to take care with any flammable objects you might have around the candle, as when the salt comes in contact with fire some small crystals will be created that can cause small sparks and burn the items you have around.

To make a candle last longer: the fridge

If you want to a candle to last longer and that their presence be more satisfying and ambient and all times, we recommend placing it in the refrigerator for a few hours before it is to be used. In this way, you help prevent moisture and you will increase its burn time. Keep your candles fresh especially if they are scented to preserve the fragrance wearing off, and make sure they last longer.

Make a candle last longer: other tricks

Another great trick to make a candle last longer is to cut the candlewick to about 2 and a half inches. This will prevent the candle burn faster and also assure that there is no excessive smoke which gets into clothes. We also recommend removing the burnt tip of the candle before re-lighting it.

You can also make an organic survival candle, which will definitely last longer than most candles.

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