How To Make A Butterfly From A Peg

How To Make A Butterfly From A Peg

Do you want to learn how to reuse old materials? In this article we show you how to make a butterfly from a peg. It is a quick and easy craft to do that requires little material. Kids will really like this activity and the best part is that you're teaching them how to recycle and make toys from recycled material.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

The first step to make a butterfly from a peg is to disassemble the peg paint the two sides green.


On one side, paint butterfly eyes with white paint. Look at the example photo.


Copy these butterfly wings onto colored cardboard, as seen in the photo.


Cut out small circles of cardboard in different colors. Choose the ones you prefer, just make sure they match the butterfly wings, as we'll use these pieces to decorate this part of the butterfly.


Put glue in the center of the base of the butterfly. Once this is done, put glue on both sides of the cardboard too.


Next, glue the two parts of the peg as shown in the picture, one on top of the other.


Stick some glue on the small circles and glue them onto the butterfly's wings.


Your Butterfly made from a peg is almost finished.


The final step to make a butterfly from a peg will be to cut out two strips of green cardboard to depict the butterfly's antennae. Put the two strips on the butterfly's head.


And now your butterfly made from a peg is finished.

Making crafts at home is both a fun and educational way to for children to pass the time. For more fun ideas, learn how to make a frog out of a walnut or make a butterfly out of aluminum cans.

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  • You can make different butterflies by changing the colours and details. You can also try changing the colour of the body of the butterfly.