How To Make A 3D Paper Flower Step By Step With Pictures

How To Make A 3D Paper Flower Step By Step With Pictures

On several occasions we have seen how to make paper flowers, today we bring you a brand new one. Today I will explain how to make a 3D paper flower step by step. The tutorial is a translation of the most excellent work of Saaleha (I recommend you go on her Flickr album and enjoy what this artist does with paper). Here's everything you need to know in order to make these 3D paper flowers:

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

To start to make a 3D paper flower step by step you must gather all the materials listed below. Remember to follow the pictures to make the flower correctly, they will be of great help.


Fold each of the paper circles as shown, the idea is to fold them in half first and then fold it perpendicularly (it must form a cross with folds).


Then, two quarters of them must join at the tips. With the help of a pair of pliers you should bend the tip. It needs to be as shown in the picture.


Continue by sticking the two circles together, then stick on one more that should be bent. Finally stick the first circle on top.


To get a better idea you should stick, first the unfolded base one, then the two folded ones and finally the one which is folded in several parts.


Once we have all the layers stuck together you must pass the wire through, with the idea that the bent tip is in the center of the "flower".


Finally we stick a rhinestone on the bent wire tip of the paper flower. Remember that you can "play" with different circle sizes and leaf textures.


Did you like it? Well, do not thank me, I just translated the work of Saaleha, I recommend that you visit her Flickr and leave the real artist a comment. She makes some spectacular things.

If this is too hard, you can try out this simple flower with paper craft.


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