How to Draw a Santa Claus Hat to Colour In

How to Draw a Santa Claus Hat to Colour In

Christmas is coming and one of the most iconic characters of this holiday is Santa Claus, the jolly old man who brings goodies on the night of December 24th. In this article, we'll show you how to draw a Santa Claus hat that's perfect for colouring in, step-by-step. You'll see that it's very easy. For a variation, you can also draw a Christmas minion or Micky Mouse dressed as Santa Claus.

Steps to follow:

Start drawing the Santa hat with some very simple geometric elements, a circle at the top that's leaning a bit to the side, and a rectangle at the bottom. Then connect the lines, but make sure they don't form a square.


Follow the drawing, giving some shape to the bottom of the hat, which is the white area made of wool. The drawing should give the impression of a warm hat suitable for winter. The middle part of the hat is red felt, while the rectangular part at the bottom and the pom-pom are white wool.


Continue drawing the pom-pom at the top, using a round shape to make it look like wool.


You're almost finished! To give a greater sense of realism, draw the pom-pom at a slight angle. You're all done making the hat.


That's it! As you can see, the Santa Claus hat for colouring in is all finished. Have a wonderful Christmas!


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