How to Decorate Shoe Boxes with Tissue Paper

How to Decorate Shoe Boxes with Tissue Paper

There are so many crafts that can be using only recycled materials, objects that you can find around the house or very cheap products - you don't need much to start a DIY project!

In this OneHowTo article we'll show you how to decorate shoe boxes with tissue paper, transforming plain practical boxes into beautifully decorated objects. It will be cheap, practical and it will look great, and it's a great activity for children as well.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

First of all, get a shoe box or a similar container with a lid for each participant - you don't want the children fighting over it!


Prepare a glue mixture by combining one part white craft glue - the most common kind for lightweight objects - by two parts water in a glass or bowl. Mix well. This mixture is actually very useful for all kinds of crafts, so it's a good idea to master it!


Prepare paper ribbons and patches by ripping and tearing multicolor tissue paper. Stick to a single shade or different neutral colors for an elegant, sophisticated design. Tell us about your ideas and designs in the comments section!

If you're working with children, they will love this part. You can use brown, red and gold for a pirate treasure-looking box, greens and pinks for a fairy tale vibe, or vibrant, popping colors to decorate a children's room.


Start to decorate the shoe boxes by use a paintbrush to paint a layer of glue mixture all over the box. Apply tissue paper on all their surfaces.


Let it dry.


Have rhinestones, glitter, plastic jewels and other decorations to glam up the box. Unleash your creativity. Decorate shoe boxes with the theme of your choice - is it a pirate's treasure chest? A witch's potion trunk? An art nouveau jewel box? - or be as abstract as you want.


Once all elements are glued to the shoe box and dried, you'll have transformed it into a treasure chest that your children can play with, or into an elegant bejeweled box for your most precious goods.


This an affordable and easy guide on how to decorate shoe boxes with tissue paper. If you want to really make it glam, you can use cloth instead of tissue paper, use gift wrapping paper for a more polished look, or paint it to imitate wood.

Take a look at our cheap DIY board on Pinterest for more ideas using waste material!

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