How to Contact One Direction

How to Contact One Direction

One Direction is one of the most popular bands today. They have millions of fans around the world and this makes it very difficult to contact them. At we'll still give you some tips on how to contact One Direction, although we can't guarantee it due to their fame. We'll also advise you on how to see One direction in person. We wish you lots of luck!

How to contact One Direction via Twitter

One Direction has an official Twitter account, and each group member has its own Twitter account as well. Check out the following links. If you want to contact them, you just have to create a Twitter account and follow them. Once you've done that, you can send them a direct message. Although we can't promise that you'll get an answer. Just think that they have millions of fans so it's quite difficult to do so. If you really want them to answer, first of all, you have to write in English because it's their native language. Also try to find an interesting topic to capture their interest. However, we don't want you to get your hopes up if they don't respond. It's pretty normal considering their great fame.

Here are the official Twitter accounts of One Direction:

  • Official Twitter of One Direction
  • Niall Horan Twitter
  • Harry Styles Twitter
  • Zayn Malik Twitter
  • Liam Payne Twitter
  • Louis Tomlinson Twitter

Look carefully because there are other Twitter accounts with their names but the real, official ones are what we've written above.

How to contact One Direction via Facebook

One Direction also has an official page on Facebook. It's as follows: One Direction Facebook. You can try to write them a private message, but like we said before, they have millions of fans so it'll be difficult for them to respond. But why not try? It can't hurt!

How to see One Direction in person

If you want to see One Direction in person, we suggest you go to their official website: One Direction official website. Click here on Newsletter, (notice in the photo we've marked in red), and if you write your email, they'll send you updates periodically. So you can find out about all their concerts and events.

The best option to actually meet One Direction in person, is to follow the Fan Page in your country. This way you'll learn when they come to your country or city to give a concert, sign CDs or when they're on the telly or the radio. It's certainly the best option to meet them, but you'll probably have to stand in long queues to do it. Here we've included some of the fan pages:

  • One Direction Spain
  • One Direction Argentina
  • One Direction Mexico

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