DIY Wedding Invitations with Recycled Material

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
DIY Wedding Invitations with Recycled Material

They say first impression is the last impression. Wedding invitations are the first impression you send out to the world about you and your partner. A chic wedding invitation says a lot about you and if it is created by you using recycled materials then it’s bound to make a lasting impression on your guests. Making your own wedding invitations with recycled material will not only save you big amounts of money, it will also be a great contribution for the environment. Your guests will truly love your invitations with recycled material, as they will be highly original. If you're thinking about using reusing materials for your invitations, don't miss out this article. Here at OneHowTo we explain you how to make DIY wedding invitations with recycled material.

Using recycled paper for your invitations

Recycled paper is the best way to show how ecofriendly you and your partner are. Some people might vote against using recycled paper due to its brown color. However, this doesn't have to be a problem as now there is a huge variety of recycled papers that have a lighter colour. With the right accessories and design you can make your invitation card look both chic and elegant on the recycled paper. For example, you can do as in the picture below and add a white lace to the recycled paper invitation. The contrast between the two colours will look great and the lace will add a very original and cute touch.

If you don't want to use recycled paper for the actual wedding invitation you can use it as envelope. The difference of colour between the envelope and the invitation will make it more original.

DIY Wedding Invitations with Recycled Material - Using recycled paper for your invitations

Adding laces to the invitation: elegant and beautiful

If you have decided to use the recycled paper on which your wedding invitation will be printed then you must think about accessorizing it. As previously said, this can be done by adding some lace to the invitation card. There are many ways in which you can use a lace to decorate a wedding invitation made with recycled paper. You can use it as a border on the paper, sticking it onto it, or you can use it to hold the different pages of the invitation together.

Regardless of how you use it in the cards, it is better if you use some laces you have at home, from old clothes or other garments. Reusing laces will mean that not all invitations will look the same, but this will add an original touch to them. Also, using something you have at home will add a more personal touch to the wedding invitations.

To make it more beautiful you can even dye the lace with your favorite color. Take care to dye the lace only with natural colors to make it more ecofriendly.

Wedding invitations using seeds

Since you are going to sow the seed of your new life on your wedding day, including some seeds along with your wedding invitation would give a beautiful meaning to it. Just pack a small pouch of seeds in a biodegradable or recycled bag and your ecofriendly invitation is ready.

You can print the couple's names on the bag so anytime the guests use it they will remember the beautiful day they spent next to you.

Dry flowers on wedding invitations

The wedding invitations can be adorned with pretty flowers. You can use real fresh flower or you can use pressed flowers. Besides adding colours to your invitations, pressed and dry flowers will also add a vintage feel to your cards. Flowers are a very oringinal way of decorating wedding invitations with recycled material. To make it even better, you can spray some perfume on the DIY wedding card. This way, your guests will feel as if the smell was coming from the flowers and they will truly like your invitations.

DIY Wedding Invitations with Recycled Material - Dry flowers on wedding invitations

Leaves to make your invitation more natural

Similar to what happens with flowers, pressed leaves give a very natural touch to your wedding invitations. Pressed leaves of Ficus religiosa trees, four clover or others will give a uniqueness to your wedding invitation, just like the unique couple you are.

Feathers to add the colour touch

To add a bit of natural colors and softness to your wedding invitation you can add some white feathers or feathers of light colors. For bright and vibrant color and some drama, peacock feather is best as it exudes elegance. However, make sure that the feathers come from a right source that doesn't harm animals. You're doing your invitations in the most eco-friendly way, so they should come from reliable sources.

Use soy based ink, natural and sustainable

If you want to make your wedding invitations truly 100% sustainable we recommend you print it with vegetable based or soy based ink. These inks release only about 2% - 4% volatile organic compounds into atmosphere and hence is quite ecofriendly.

Printing your invitations in these prints will make zero impact for the environment, and your guests will be truly amazed with the results.

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DIY Wedding Invitations with Recycled Material
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DIY Wedding Invitations with Recycled Material

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