Craft Ideas: Make a Toy Plane Using a Plastic Bottle

Craft Ideas: Make a Toy Plane Using a Plastic Bottle

In this article we explain step-by-step how you can make a toy aeroplane using a plastic bottle. It's just one of the many great craft ideas we have for kids here at oneHOWTO. It makes a great toy to entertain children and teaches some basic concepts about both crafting and flying. While younger kids will most likely be unable to handle some of the tools we need to use here, they can still be present and lend a hand. They won't be able to use the power drill, but they can learn by watching. It's a great way to encourage practical skills and help you bond with your kids. Building it is only half the fun, so once you finish reading craft ideas: make a toy using a plastic bottle all you'll have to do is go out and enjoy it together.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

For plastic bottle toy plane:

The plastic bottle we use to make our toy plane is going to be the fuselage (a fancy word for the body of the plane). This step-by-step guide uses a clear 20 fl oz size bottle. The color doesn't really matter, so you could use a fun green, red or whatever color you can find. The wooden board will be used as out wing. Make sure it is light wood like bolsa wood. Cut two slits directly opposite each other and make sure they are wide enough for the wood to go through.


Take a look at the image. You need to pass the wooden board through from one side to the other. To do this you will need to make the slit into a rectangular hole. Do this using scissors to cut out the shape. The holes need to be just a little bit smaller than the wing so that it secures in tightly. Otherwise it will fall out. Insert the wooden wings into the plastic bottle fuselage.


We will now make the airplane's propeller. To do this, take the second bottle and pierce about an inch from the base. Insert the scissors in the hole you have made and cut right round so that the base detaches from the rest of the bottle. Our bottle has a ridge in the plastic which helps us guide our scissors to cut it evenly. Take this plastic base and cut out holes with the utility knife. Look at the picture below to see how we have done it.


The next step is to take the bottle cap and make a hole right in the centre. Do this carefully with either a hand drill or electric drill. If it helps to secure it in a vice first, please use one. It needs to be no larger than the size of the screw's thread.


To attach the propeller to the bottle cap, set the bottle cap with the flat side up/open side down. Drill a hole in the center of the plastic bottle propeller. Set this on top of the bottle cap with the curved side facing outwards. With a screwdriver, turn the screw into the cap securely, but not so tight that the propeller won't move. Simply screw the bottle cap back onto the bottle and this will be the nose of our plane.


Take the other bottle and cut out a triangle of plastic from its side using a utility knife. This will act as our tail-fun for our homemade craft. Secure it in by cutting a slit in the far end of the bottle and inserting the plastic triangle into it. It should be enough to secure it in without it falling out very easily.


And it's ready! That's how to make a toy aeroplane using only recycled materials. A fun and easy homemade toy to pass the time.

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