Cool DIY Crafts With Wine Corks

Cool DIY Crafts With Wine Corks

Are you tired of saving wine corks and not knowing what to do with them? Here at OneHowTo, we have the solution! And there are many cool and creative ideas which you can do with these corks and a little ingenuity. In addition, you'll get great results that will prove very useful without spending hardly any money. So do not wait to read this article giving you various ideas to do crafts with wine corks. Can you think of others? Let us know in the comments!

Photo frames and mirrors with wine corks

A great idea is to use your corks to build a picture frame or a mirror- a creative and economical technique for decorating your pictures and mirrors. For this, you will not need more than some corks, a wooden frame that serves as a base and super-glue or silicone. If you want to cut some, a jigsaw would be helpful. You can arrange them in the way you like and get very authentic designs that are sure to surprise your guests.

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Placemats or coasters with wine corks

Another good option for doing crafts with corks consists of developing placemats or coasters to protect your tables. This is a very simple yet very cool idea, since you only need to cut the corks in half and glue them together in the shape you want them. To make it even more beautiful, you can cover the rim with a colorful tape (duct tape works great) and create different designs.

So, besides being a great way to reuse corks, they are also very useful to place pots and pans on the table when they are still hot or to keep the vessels from damaging delicate surfaces.


Cork plant pots

And why not give your wine cork a new life? How? It's pretty easy! Turn them into potted plants. In this way, you just have to pierce the wine cork and put in a small plant that will grow inside the cap.

Also, you can add an anchoring system to hang it or stick a magnet to it to put the pots on your refrigerator or on other metal surfaces. Although at first glance it may seem complicated, the truth is that it is not.You can find the instructions in our article How to make wine cork planters.


Cork key chain

Old corks can also become a useful object which we always carry with us: A key chain. You only need an eye socket screw which are used for hanging pictures. Screw it into one end of the cork to place the ring which will hold the keys. You can use pliars to ensure that the screw placed in to the cork does not come loose.


Cork snake

Finally, we show you a craft with wine cork which is sure to delight little kids by making a toy with recycled material.

A good example is this cork snake requiring no more than some thread, a needle and a cutter to cut the corks. Remember that when using cutting tools there must be an adult present and you will also need to be careful passing the needle and thread through the corks, because it is a hard material. Do not forget to tie knots in the ends so that the snake does not fall apart!


Christmas tree out of Wine Corks

There are many DIY Christmas crafts you can make with recycled material. You only need to stick your corks together in a triangle shape. Use a piece of wood or similar to create the base and paint the visible side of the corks in green or in your favorite colors to depict Christmas ornaments.

You can also add a star on top or a nice ribbon!


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