5 Methods For Waterproofing Fabric At Home

5 Methods For Waterproofing Fabric At Home

Waterproofing fabric is a very effective solution that can help you to keep clothes for longer, so that you get more wear out of them. Also, by waterproofing fabric you can protect yourself from water and moisture. As the name suggests, this will achieve a completely waterproof effect that always brings benefits. In this OneHowTo.com article we explain 5 different ways to waterproof fabric at home.

Steps to follow:

Fabric waterproofing is achieved by using a spray that acts on the material and protects it. This is a very strong chemical which must be used whilst following the instructions and whilst protecting yourself and other clothing.


You can also apply a special wax coating to waterproof materials such as leather or canvas. Like aerosol waterproofing sprays, bear in mind that it is a strong product and you must take appropriate measures. For example, make sure you use an old sheet or newspapers to protect the surface you are working on, and carry out the task in an area with adequate ventilation.

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You can also prepare a homemade waterproofing mixture by mixing detergent with hot water, dissolving it well. Make sure you use it carefully and protect yourself as before. To continue, wet the fabric until it is saturated and leave it to dry. Then place it into a mixture of hot water and alum. Leave it for a few hours to take effect and then hang it out to dry.


Canvas fabrics are often used for the outdoors and can be waterproofed with a good aluminium soap which will help to protect the fabric from cold temperatures and rain.


A mixture of resin and linseed oil also helps to waterproof fabrics and helps them last longer too, due to the polymer-forming properties of linseed oil. Just be careful you don't spill it onto other clothing as it could cause a difficult to remove oil stain.

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  • Take care with all the products mentioned because they are very strong.
  • Do not use anything that may react with your skin.